Harleston parishioners are committed to ending poverty in the developing world

Fressingfield Cafod Stall

Harleston parishioners have raised over £750 for CAFOD’s Connect2 Peru

An amazing team of Harleston parishioners have raised over £750 for CAFOD’s Connect2 Peru by holding several stalls at Fressingfield Produce Market during 2017. Mary Kirk has sold produce to raise money for charity for the last two years along with a couple of ardent CAFOD supporters, Mark and Shirley Kalinauckas. The collected money is going to use to support small-scale farming families in Peru.

Mary described their reasons for helping CAFOD campaign: “We are committed to ending poverty in the developing world, and to combating the effects of climate change, supporting refugees and migrants, and living more simply. We want to stand in solidarity with those who have less.”

The team of volunteers decided to increase their reach and move the stall to the Fressingfield Produce Market. The stall is held six times a year and offers an opportunity for local people to sell produce to the community.

East Anglia CAFOD Coordinator Jane Crone, said: “A big thank you to Mary, Shirley and all the others who are involved with the CAFOD stall in Fressingfield.  It’s fantastic that they are so committed to raising money for those in need overseas and that they’re doing so in a way that brings the community together.  The money raised in 2017 will make an enormous difference to rural communities in Peru and we look forward to seeing what 2018 has to bring.”

The money raised by the stall goes to CAFOD’s Connect2 Peru scheme. The parish of Bungay St Edmunds and Harleston, is a Connect2 Peru parish, meaning they hear about and support the work that CAFOD’s partner organisations in Peru do, supporting small-scale farming communities as well as human rights work. CAFOD has been working in Peru for 50 years, meaning that the money raised will be building on half a decade of unwavering support.

Each month the CAFOD stall sells freshly-baked cakes, sausage rolls, eggs, honey, as well as plants and vegetables.  All are supplied by Shirley, Mary and a core group of loyal supporters who never fail to provide every time the stall is held.

Find out more about CAFOD’s Connect2 scheme here.


It’s 2018: Are you going to make a New Year’s Resolution?

We often make resolutions for the new-year, promises that will improve our lives and those of others. Why not make volunteering for CAFOD your resolution?

Many of the biggest changes in the world have come from groups of people saying ‘I will’ together. Help us share God’s love by ending poverty. Help us reach everyone in poverty.

We need people in our local Churches raising awareness of poverty and our work to alleviate it. We need people to visit schools, or contact their MPs on issues of importance. We need people to pray for our work. Could you make this your number one resolution?

Could you take up one of these resolutions to change the world? Click on the links to find out more.

  1. Volunteer for CAFOD – In parishes, schools or in many other ways – click here to find out more about volunteering.
  2. Pray for the work of CAFOD and our world one day each week.
  3. Make a regular gift to support our work. You can even specifically support our work in emergencies or in your Parish’s Connect2 Community.
  4. Write (or change) your will this year. Could you consider leaving a gift to CAFOD? We have info on how to do this for free.
  5. Use our resources in church with Confirmation, Communion or Children’s Liturgy.
  6. Sign up to receive updates from blog
  7. Campaign with us – raise your voice about issues of injustice.
  8. Hold an event in your community to raise awareness or funds for CAFOD – Use your talents, passions and your imagination. Do what you enjoy, and do it for CAFOD. Our Family Fast Day is a perfect opportunity to do this.
  9. Follow us on facebook or Twitter
  10. Become an MP Correspondent – help to ensure that the voices of many of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people are heard in the corridors of power

Contact us on 01223 358552 or eastanglia@cafod.org.uk and let’s try and make this a happy new year for all. It will be a New Year’s Revelation.

Come Lord Jesus, come and let your light shine through us so that through our actions we may be salt for the earth, a light in people’s sight and that we might reach out to you in one another, especially those in need.


News: A Christmas Reflection from Norfolk



Weybourne Norfolk October 2017

Many thanks to Area Coordinator Peter Coates for sharing this reflection with us.

To God belongs the enduring wholeness and wholesomeness of everything; a vast existence. God makes a home in each loving person (John 14:23) and this is why we pray and how we all become equal. There is then no place for the inequality of tyranny, race or power, no need for male domination or reactive feminism and no superiority of the rich or talented over the poor, jobless, sick, deformed or dead.

The symbol of God is light and this is why some people find a sense of God in the visual beauty of the sky. In his book ‘The Meaning of Blue’ Luke Bell OSB, who is a Benedictine monk at Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight, points out that blue is the colour you get when you look through the atmosphere towards the sunlight. This is why Mary, the mother of Jesus, appears in paintings dressed in blue, because she looks towards the light which is God. So when I look at the sky, which is blue, beautiful and vast, I am reminded of what is behind it, creating and maintaining it, the vast existence of God.


A Vast Existence

Give me a view of the Norfolk sky,

That lovely blue,

Where shapes of cotton wool drift by;

A vast existence.


Give me a view of the Norfolk sky,

In an age of dysfunctional thought,

Where clouds make shapes like animal faces,

Changing, drifting, merging, lifting;

A vast existence.


Give me a view of the Norfolk sky,

When I am stressed or hurt,

Where sunny clouds will shine like pearls,

And rays beam down through cloudy curls;

A vast existence.


Millennia past evolved our minds,

Viewing the heavens high,

Perhaps it’s why I feel depressed,

When buildings hide the sky.


Give me a view of the clear night sky,

That Norfolk sky,

That vast existence,

Where countless stars vault rustling trees

Or the yellow moon shimmers on rippling seas,

A silent sky;

An awesome sky;

A vast existence.



Give me a view of the Norfolk sky,

That high sky,

That vast existence.

No me, no lack,

No world, no work,

And no distress;

A sense of God;

A vast existence.


There is no judgment given,

There are no violent acts;

In looking up at beauty,

From the grief of imprisoning facts.


For God is the only

Vast existence.


Peter Coates.


Published in the Lynn News Friday 15th December 2017.