Meet our Facebook editor

Regular as clockwork, Andy arrives at the office on his way to work. He gives us an hour and a half each week, updating our Facebook page.

Before Andy arrived, it would be weeks before a new updates, but in the last six months its popularity has risen by 56%. He selects one or two national stories to share, adding a bit of introductory text.

Andy checks the weekly donations to see if there is any parishes or schools that we can be thanking on Facebook. When we have a picture, for example of a parish volunteer, he will add that, cropping it to make it better to see. When we don’t have a picture of the activity or those involved, he will choose a relevant image. Andy uses CAFOD’s photos from our work and adds some thing about how a donation is making a difference.

He has joined in and promoted the Facebook competition for Delia Smith’s cookbooks. He is always eager to do more, giving more time when he can and offering to help with any local events. He keeps encouraging other people, singing their praises on Facebook for us.

Meet some young ambassadors

The Young Ambassadors Club began last year as a way for students to understand a bit more of what they were hearing in assemblies, using CAFOD’s chaplaincy and youth activities. Soon there was a core group of four students who were taking a leading role.

The schools’ charitable activities were already allocated, so for Harvest the ambassadors ‘sold’ bags of sweets and prayer cards for donations. Later they raised another £200 for world gifts. It was a moment that really brought home the meaning of CAFOD’s work for them, recognising these gifts could really transform another child’s opportunities in life.

Layla, Rob, Emily and Orla have really taken on CAFOD’s One Climate One World campaign, surveying students at lunchtime about how they would spend their last bit of energy, highlighting the difference between life in Cambridge and in Kenya, and creating a large display from the results. They have written to the school business manager to ask her to check that the schools’ energy comes from renewable sources, and to their local MP asking him to support CAFOD’s campaign. They have led CAFOD’s Harvest Assembly for years 7 and 8 students, and during another assembly they encouraged 200 students to sign campaign postcards to their MP. He was persuaded; pledging his support and sending a letter in reply to each student.

> Could you be a schools volunteer with CAFOD?

Meet a Schools volunteer: Helen Savelli

Helen has kept our presence in the primary schools around Norwich almost single-handedly, while working part time and looking after her family. She is one of those rare people who are close enough to God that the light of Christ shines through. Yet with humour and humility she apologises that she can’t do more for CAFOD.


Helen with her family

She led summer camp workshops for a wide age-range of young people at the cathedral, introducing them to Laudato Si’, and has taken year-6 students on the refugee pilgrimage – responding at short notice when the Lampedusa Cross arrived – an activity she describes as: “very powerful – the whole afternoon served as a great reminder to me why I do all this!”.

Helen eloquently described why she volunteers for CAFOD – something she’s now been doing for eight years!

“For me CAFOD brings back so many memories, its very nostalgic; Lent Fast Days and the Harvest period was always a huge part of growing up, and for my family. I have always been passionate about global justice and wanted to do a small part to assist the alleviation and suffering of poverty. Continue reading