Stations of the Cross

In keeping with CAFOD’s tradition of seeing the narrative of the way of the cross echoed in those who fall and thirst because of poverty and injustice, work in parallel with Christ’s journey through crucifixion. This year they draw on the experience of people CAFOD’s partners are working with in Zambia.

stations-of-the-crossHere is a booklet containing the Stations of the Cross (click here)

A powerpoint and service sheets that accompany these Stations of the Cross are available from the prayer resources section of our website.

Cathedral installation of the Lampedusa Cross

Bishop Alan Hopes, on behalf of CAFOD, presented the Cathedral of St John the Baptist with a battered wooden cross made from the remains of a boat shipwrecked in the Mediterranean Sea. The cross was made by the carpenter of Lampedusa where those who escaped the wreckage had managed to find safety.

These were not the first refugees to wash ashore on that tiny Italian island, but they were welcomed, clothed, fed and sheltered. Meeting these people at the back of church, hearing their story, as they spoke of fleeing the persecuting in Eritria, the carpenter wondered what he could do. Walking along the shore, he picked up the splintered wood of their boat, fashioned it into a simple cross, and gave it to these survivors – a symbol of shared belief and hope of a better tomorrow.

Lampedusa Cross - CathedralThis cross, made by that same carpenter, Frederico Tuccio, hangs in the centre of the Cathedral on the North West corner under the tower, close to the Holy Door and the chapel of Walsingham, where its sister cross resides at the National Shrine of Our Lady.

CAFOD has written a simple seven-stage journey for pilgrims around the Cathedral, enabling them to reflect on the experience of others making their own journey, as refugees seeking a better tomorrow; seeking welcome among strangers. Continue reading

Children’s Pilgrimage with the Lampedusa Cross

Children from across East Anglia joined Bishop Hopes on the Children’s Pilgrimage as he gave a Lampedusa Cross to the Basilica of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Bishop Hopes had earlier received two Lampedusa Crosses, and he has presented the other cross to the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. This one he gave to the Shrine Rector, John Armitage who will display it in the grounds of the National Shrine, alongside the stations of the cross and the acts of mercy, opposite the display about welcoming the stranger and the homeless in our midst.

Watch Monsignor John Armitage talking about the Lampedusa Cross:


Bishop Hopes blessed the Lampedusa Cross and prayed:

God of all humanity
In a world full of fear, open our hearts towards love.
Though we walk in desolate valleys, open our minds to your hope.
We turn from hatred, towards love.
We turn from intolerance, towards understanding.
We commit ourselves to compassion.
Together, not alone, we pray for peace.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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The Children's Pilgrimage assemble on the Sanctuary with the Lampedusa Cross.

The Children’s Pilgrimage assemble on the Sanctuary with the Lampedusa Cross.