CAFOD Harvest Fast Day soup lunch at the Church of St Henry Morse

CAFOD Harvest Fast Day soup lunch

CAFOD Harvest Fast Day soup lunch at the Church of St Henry Morse

On Friday 6th many CAFOD volunteers and supporters from the Church of St Henry Morse had a good lunch time together on Harvest Fast Day.

The Harvest Fast Day inspired our community to pray and carry on the supporting people like Edelmira and her community in El Salvador. On Harvest Fast Day, we pray for all those who are living without enough food. It is our wish they know they are not forgotten, and that together, by the grace of God, we may build a better future and a fairer world.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Harvest Fast Day soup lunch! We are so grateful to Church of St Henry Morse loyal collectors and faithful people.


CAFOD’s Harvest Day of Recollection

Join us as we look forward to our Harvest Festival and Fast Day.

Venue: Parish Centre, Our Lady Immaculate and St Etheldreda, Newmarket.

Date: Saturday 12 September

Time: In the afternoon, 14:00 – 18:00. Followed by the parish Mass.

Neil Thorns A4 landscape

We will be joined by Neil Thorns, CAFOD’s Director of Advocacy. He’s about to go to the United Nations for their summit deciding the post-2015 sustainable development goals and he will share with us CAFOD’s ambition for these global targets.

The eight Millennium Development Goals [2000-2015] helped focus international efforts to help thousands of people lift themselves out of poverty, even though several of them narrowly missed their targets. Will the 17 proposed Sustainable Development Goals go further? Will they fulfil Pope Francis’ vision for a just world?

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As this Harvest, CAFOD will be focusing on Niger, statistically the poorest country in the world, we will hear about Hamani, a 74 year-old farmer who, with your help, CAFOD has helped. Hamani remembers when harvests were plentiful, and there was enough for his family to share with his neighbours, but recently he has found it hard to grow enough food to eat. However, we have taught him advanced farming techniques and been able to help him increase his yeild. Now as farming becomes harder because of the effects of climate change, he has a chance.

Explore West Africa and the Great Lakes

Jessica Michelmore CAFOD - A4 landscapeJessica Michelmore will introduce us to West Africa and the Great Lakes, the region surrounding Niger. She will share with us the work CAFOD does with partners in Niger and the region, particularly focusing on helping people create livelihoods for themselves.

Ever wanted to know what is a  ‘livelihood’? Come and find out.

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We will be celebrating the coming harvest with high tea!

Could you be our star baker? If you have ever made your own bread [whether in the bread maker or the oven] bake some, bring it, and enter it into our showstopper challenge.

Whether you choose a baguette or bloomer or one of the flatbreads from around the world join us for our own bake off as we celebrate the abundance of our harvest.

For our reflections we will draw on the Holy Father’s teachings in Laudato Si’. How may we achieve what Saint John Paul II describes as “an ecological conversion”?