Simple supper for Peru

On the 1 April the parish of St. Laurence organised their annual CAFOD simple supper.

Originally designed to increase the Fast day collection, the Lenten simple suppers have been organised for the past 10 years. This year the parish launched connect2:Peru and so the money raised from this supper was sent specifically to those projects.

A simple, yet delicious, vegetarian meal made by the talented parish cooks was served; it reflected the theme of the project the parish was fundraising for.

This year’s supper was a great success. Over 60 people attended it and the parish raised over £600. It was much enjoyed by all.

Lenten Soup Lunches

Parishes across East Anglia have organised Lenten Lunches, raising money for CAFOD.

These lunches, offering French Onion, Minestrone, Leek and Potato, Broccoli and Stilton, Spicy Parsnip and Tomato; a mouthwatering selection of home-made soups. They were an excellent occasion to bring people together, share meals, and raise money for CAFOD. Father Charles (St Edmunds) certainly enjoyed his soup.

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East Africa Crisis-over 16 million in need of help!

Following months of drought, over 16 million people across South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are on the brink of starvation.

Millions of families are in need of food and nutrition assistance as the drought and civil war have hit food supplies. The UN is warning that the world faces the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945.

More information concerning East Africa Crisis and CAFOD’s engagement >

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