An Ethiopian Christmas

Merry Christmas – Melkam Yelidet Beaal

Following the ancient Julian calendar – rather than our Gregorian calendar – Ethiopians celebrate the holiday on January 7. Traditionally referred to as Ganna, an Ethiopian Christmas typically involves a day of fasting, followed by church services and a feast that includes stew, vegetables and sourdough bread. Though most friends and families do not exchange gifts, communities gather to play games and sports, and enjoy the festivities together before returning to work. Continue reading

Ethiopian Feast of the Assumption

The Ethiopian calendar is a little different to ours. It is a solar calendar and currently runs seven or eight years behind our Gregorian calendar because of an alternative calculation of the annunciation of Jesus. In Ehtiopia, today is 16 Nashi 2007 and it the beginning of a six-day festival of the assumption of the Blessed Virgin, Mary. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is the most highly honoured Feast among all the saints. Continue reading