MP Clive Lewis visits Norwich’s Catholic Cathedral

Clive Lewis (right) addressing the audience with James Mcgarry (left)

“Faith by itself, if it does not result in action, is dead” James 2:17.

On Friday October 1st, Clive Lewis, Labour MP for Norwich South, visited the Cathedral of St John the Baptist for a discussion on climate change, COP26, debt and vaccine inequality.

Joseph Savage, Campaign Volunteer Coordinator for CAFOD in East Anglia and Norwich resident reports.

The meeting was hosted jointly by the Cathedral’s CAFOD and Justice and Peace Groups and was attended by parishioners as well as A level politics students from Notre Dame High School. It was the first of CAFOD’s Parliament in your Parish campaigns to be held face to face in the diocese, rather than on Zoom.

The meeting was opened by the Chair, James McGarry, with a quotation from the Epistle of James (above) who then moved on to emphasise Pope Francis’ concern for economic, social, and environmental justice.

The floor was then opened to questions from sixth form politics students. The first question was on the topic of climate change and whether countries can go green independently.

Clive Lewis stated that we are at a crunch point in humanity’s existence and that climate change is the biggest issue we face today.

“We have an economic crisis that threatens to kill us like a car that is out of control. It is time for politicians to press the brakes and do a U turn.”

However, he also said that “Finding a global solution is like telling a tiger to go vegan. Our countries are obsessed by economic wealth.”

“Solving the Climate crisis requires democracy on a global scale. It will require millions of people around the world to speak out.”

One way of helping other countries go green, he suggested, is to allow more politicians to take part in trade agreements that reflect the will of the people, not ones driven to maximise profit behind closed doors.

Clive also spoke about climate deniers and sceptics and that they need to be challenged rather than won over. Their strategy is the say that we can cope with climate change by using technology. However, this may or may not work and if it doesn’t then the next generations will pay.

The next question posed was on whether the upcoming COP26 will solve our problems and if the G20 can help.

The response was that there is no accountability to the agreements that countries sign up to. This means that if a country fails to meet its targets or promises, there are no consequences. Clive Lewis also mentioned that the UK has failed to fully meet any of its agreements made at COP21 in Paris in 2015.

Notre Dame 6th form student asking Clive Lewis a question

The third question was on the topic of debt owed by the Global South. Clive felt strongly that debt needs to be cancelled now, stating that,

“Debt is a form of control. The Global South need to jump so called dirty technologies. Developed countries who are developing clean tech need to give it away for next to nothing” otherwise those countries will just acquire more debt.

The final question was on a local issue, the destruction of the Wensum Valley Site of Special Scientific Interest to build the extension of the Northern Distributor Road. Clive Lewis’ response was that we should stop investing in 20th Century technology such as roads and instead in 21st Century technology such as sustainable public transport.

He also said that it is hypocritical of us to bemoan Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, for chopping down the Amazon Rainforest if we are building on sites of uniquely high biodiversity.

In response to the discussion, John McLean, the CAFOD representative from SJB Cathedral said, “What struck me was that although he was coming from a different perspective, he was saying a lot of things which CAFOD promotes and its supporters pursue; concern for the environment, justice, fair distribution of resources, respect for others especially the poor and helping others to help themselves, education and sustaining development. He also urged us all to be “engaged,” which we do. It was pointed out to him that we believe that “faith without action is useless””.

To date, CAFOD volunteers have met with over 100 MPs as part of the Parliament in your Parish Campaign. If you are interested in organising a meeting with your local representative before COP26 check out our webpage here.

If you wish to find out more about what CAFOD are doing in East Anglia, then follow our Twitter account @cafodeastanglia and our Facebook Page ‘CAFOD in East Anglia’.

If you are from the parish of St John the Baptist Cathedral and/or are interested in volunteering some of your time with CAFOD, get in touch with me at

Clive Lewis with Joseph Savage (centre) and Jane Crone (right)


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