Meet a Parish Volunteer: Ann Bates

Ann became CAFOD’s Parish Volunteer for St John Payne’s parish in Colchester after Lent Fast Day and has been a wonderful member of CAFOD East Anglia ever since.

After she had decided to become a Parish Volunteer, I visited Ann, a former teacher, introducing several members of the congregation who she had encouraged to come to Mass with us. Hearing our preference for having two parish volunteers, she persuaded Sr. Gabriel to join her, and invited Father Jon to share lunch with us. The parish immediately donated £400 to the Ethiopian Food Crisis Appeal.

It seems that CAFOD has been in the parish newsletter ever since.Ann Bates

Ann visited many groups in the parish, speaking to them about the work that CAFOD does.  She has encouraged many willing people to host breakfasts, prayers for creation, Laudato Si’ liturgies and deanery harvest briefings, also helping to recruit volunteer in a parish down the road. On top of fundraising around the parish, they have doubled their donations from last harvest.  Most recently, St. John Payne raised £140 for the Lenten appeal with a soup lunch organised by Ann.

Looking back, the amount of work that Ann has done seems intimidating, but this comes of doing a little bit at a time with an infectious enthusiasm. She says “it is wonderful to raise money for this cause”.


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