Green Hearts

Green Hearts St Edmunds (A4 landscape)

“Thank you to the people of St Edmund’s parish who warmly welcomed me this weekend. Your enthusiasm for the gospel of social transformation is inspiring and I’m glad that, through your support, CAFOD is able to help people get access to clean and fresh water. Together we can raise our voices and speak up for social justice and a renewed love of God’s creation”

– Maria Elena Arana, CAFOD Campaign Engagement Officer

CAFOD campaigns offer us the opportunity to put our faith into action to seek political change that can help to end the scandal of poverty and hunger in our world. Our current campaign is called One Climate One World. Last year, 2015, was important with the agreement of the new Sustainable Development Goals and the outcomes at the UN Climate talks in Paris. This marks not the end, but a new, more hopeful, beginning which we in this country now need to bring home. We need to make sure the hope is fulfilled.

We’ll help you to get to know your MP. Writing, three times a year, to our decision makers, you can remind them of the promises they made, strengthening their commitment to seeing through the change that we want to see in the world.

You can find out what being an MP Correspondent involves here >


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