Climate Picnic Review

The first person turned up twenty minutes before the start which is always a good sign. Some brave souls sat down on ground sheets on the wet, muddy ground and launched into their picnic. After about half an hour the crowd had grown appreciably and people kept on turning up!

Then Rowena turned up with her choir and her ukele and led us all in a series of fun songs, which really brought the crowd together. It was a fun moment in which everybody realised that a great number of people in our city have got the climate message and want to see positive action, pretty much immediately. Don’t tarry! Be Snappy! Do, do do do it now!

A lot of people met each other for the first time. People came from as far afield as Norwich and Peterborough to take part.

I think I speak for everyone who came, that they had a good time, and that people were really pleased that we were able to show how much support there is for taking action about climate change in Cambridge.

We invited everyone to sign the Cambridge Climate Message.

All this shows that Cambridge is serious about supporting the delegates at the Paris summit and asking them to make a really serious effort to find an ambitious plan.

Good luck! Cambridge is right behind you.

By Chris Forman.


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