Understanding Laudato Si’ – Session 4

This is the fourth of six sessions exploring the themes and teaching of Pope Francis in Laudato Si’: on care of our common home – the Papal Encyclical. This session focuses on food and drink.

Pastoral Cycle - transparentFollowing the Pastoral Cycle you can use these four sets of cards to structure your discussion, from the questions we ask of ourselves and the world, to the facts that help inform our enquiry, to quotations that share the experience of others, and then the actions we may take as individuals, in our parishes, at home and at work.

Our Covenant – Food and Drink – leader’s sheet and prayers

Our Covenant – Week 4 – Questions and Facts

Our Covenant – Week 4 – Quotations and Actions

My Carbon Footprint Calculator

CAFOD’s focus on climate follows our campaign Hunger for Change which focused on taking steps to end extreme global hunger. You can find out what we did for this campaign here. The video below shows us how the system of food production and consumption is failing the poorest communities. Too many people don’t know when they will next eat a decent meal, but there is enough food for everyone.

One Climate One World thin strip

A special guide written by CAFOD will help you and your parish reflect and respond to Laudato Si’, the Papal encyclical. The guide will be available from September but you can pre order your copy now.

See also: http://www.cafod.org.uk/Pray/Climate-reflections

The content of these introductory sessions has been inspired by CAFOD’s reflection cards and Ellen Teague’s Paint the Church Green, which is well worth reading.


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