Speak up for One Climate

Speak Up for climate changeWhether or not you can join us for the Climate Rally in Westminster on 17 June, here are some things you can do at home and with your parish or school.

With your help, this year we can do something to help protect the most vulnerable from the worst effects of climate change.

1. Sign up for the event on 17 June [at Westminster]

Register now for Speak Up For The Love Of…

Find out what’s happening on the day, including directions and timings, by downloading the event guide or ordering a free copy from our shop.

2. Invite your MP [at Home]

Just a month after the general election, 17 June is our big opportunity to show all politicians we care about tackling poverty and climate change. Send an email and invite your MP. You can find out what we’ll be asking our MPs to do in this short MP briefing and print off a page to send or give to your MP on the day.

3. Spread the word and join us in prayer [in your parish or school]

Invite your friends to register for Speak Up and find the prayers of intercession which will be used during the ecumenical service – download them here so your parish can join in prayer with us on the Sunday before the event.



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