Our first discussion: People and Planet

Climate change is in our handsToday we met for the first of our six week sessions on the theology of creation.

This is an accessible course – you don’t need any prior knowledge – enabling participants to discuss some of the topics and themes that are influencing Pope Francis as he writes his forthcoming Papal Encyclical – a letter to the Church promoting the Holy Father’s teaching, which we are expecting will be published in the early summer this year.

Through these sessions, we will can share our faith and learn from each other; our discussions are stimulated by questions, facts, actions and papal quotations. We were blessed that joining us today were a former biologist, a social worker and a theologian.

planet 1The human race has been able to go beyond our immediate environment, and look back. Astronauts who have experienced seeing the Earth from space often return with a changed perspective and reverence for our planet. Gone are the political boundaries between nations. And they see the beauty and fragility of a planet we must preserve for future generations.

Chance to catch up:

Our Covenant with Creation -People & Planet

What do you think about the environment; the people and the planet we live on?

Because discussions, particularly those involving theology, are not all about ‘the head’, we also made and baked some hot cross buns, which we shared in our closing reflection. 

If you want to sign up for other events in this series, please visit our online ticket office.

After wrestling with the power-saving functions of modern technology, we were also able to watch this short video showing how CAFOD is helping people cope with climate change.


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