The first station: Jesus is condemned (Ethiopia)

1 StationPilate said to them, “Take him and crucify him; I find no case against him” (John 19:6).

We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you;
Because by your Cross and precious Blood you have redeemed the world.

Option D) Ethiopia

Without water, the community cannot grow. In the arid landscape on the boarder between Ethiopia and Eritrea lies Sebeya, a small but growing town. People are returning after years of war and famine. Most of the community rely on the land for their livelihoods. They are farmers but typically the plot of land that a family has to grown vegetables to sell at a local market is small; the size of an average allotment. If they have water they could grow more food, but now the rains are unpredictable and they don’t know when to sow their seeds.


“Behold your king”, says Pilate. “Away with him” the people shout.

May we bring to mind what we have done and what we have left undone; when our inactions condone selfishness and our actions condemn our neighbours; for all that we leave to waste, may we pray for forgiveness and healing .

Lord Jesus, may we never send you away. Forgive us when we condemn others. Reconcile us, through yourself, with both your people and the world in which we live. 


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