Christmas gifts for the world

Our World Gifts range of alternative presents make a huge difference to people in developing countries, because they do something no pair of socks can ever do – they help people break free from poverty!

Buy World Gifts for your friends and family, or fundraise towards World Gifts as a group to help make even more of an impact.

Reading opens so many doors – education, work, pleasure and self-improvement – and it’s never too late to learn. World Gifts
World Gifts for schools
Fundraise towards one gift
Help us teach 5,000 people to read this Christmas.
Raise funds as a group towards one big World Gift
World Gifts for schools >
World Gift Totaliser Poster (6 MB) > Download file 
Teach someone to read World Gift >
Set up your fundraising page >
Template Press Release >
Choose your gifts >
. .
World Gifts - future World Gifts - virtual village
Celebrate with CAFOD
Create your own village
Include CAFOD in your celebration by asking your friends and family for World Gifts
Get your students fundraising to create a virtual village, or designing their own world gifts!
Celebrate with CAFOD >
Create a virtual village >
Set up your fundraising page >
Design a World Gift day > 
Choose your gifts >
Choose your gifts >


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