Camels for Christmas

camelNEW! The gift of a camel provides a poor family with up to seven litres of milk a day which they can then sell, alongside the chance to rear calves for a much-needed income.

A camel can also help families by carrying weights up to 200kg, truly making it the camel that carries!


You can buy this gift and you can browse our selection of World Gifts >>

Case Study

camel-case-study“I sell the milk and buy food, cattle milk and sugar for my children. My life has improved because of the camel”. Gayo Haleke, Ethiopia

For poor families in the remote Gololcha community of Ethiopia, farming provides a meagre existence – and when the rains fail, many struggle to survive. A camel, however, can provide a second stream of income.

Camels can carry up to 200kg, meaning a family have a means of transport they can use to earn a living. The family can also rear and sell calves, while the constant source of milk can be sold to buy food and schoolbooks.

Camels are extremely valuable in this part of the world, which means that families can make a good income and provide security for their future.



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