November is the month of remembrance, when we take the time to remember all those who have died, especially loved ones who made a deep and lasting impression on our lives.

Over the years, CAFOD has been enormously blessed by the kindness and commitment of our supporters, but sadly many of the people who have been at the heart of our work are no longer with us.

Help us remember those who have gone before us and shown us how we can love our neighbours throughout the world. We may also remember those who have lost their lives in tragic circumstance; crisis, conflict, famine, disease and disaster.

> Ask your parish priest to say Mass intended for CAFOD, in remembrance of our supporters and friends around the world who have lived their lives for others.

We have a book of remembrance containing the names of supporters from this diocese who have passed away. You may include this book of rememberence in your Mass. In so doing, you will also be able to offer your prayers on behalf of all those in East Anglia.

Three things you might want to consider:

Include names from parishioners: You might like to leave some simple forms in the parish during the previous couple of weeks, so that parishioners can add their own names.  These names can be entered into the book of remembrance either before the Mass or the sheets can be slotted into the book for the service and then added at a later date.  If you mention the Mass and rememberence books after Mass one week, that will help bring it to people’s attention

Find out how many people will attend: Knowing how many people may attend a rememberence servie can help you provide the right number of resources (e.g. Candlelight News, prayer cards, tea and coffee).

Order resources: Are there any other materials you might like to offer? Candlelight News, prayer cards, Legacy DVD? More info about CAFOD? Let us know how many you might need and we can send them to you.

Especially at this time, parishioners may ask you how they may give in memory of a loved one. You can find out more about remembrance giving with CAFOD by following the links provided below and receive more information by emailing


CAFOD Candle (280x)

Rememberence Giving

Pay tribute to a loved one by helping others in their memory or leave a legacy in your will.

Lighting Candles (280x)

Candlelight Funds

Celebrate your loved one’s life and memory by helping poor and vulnerable families around the world.

Leaving a legacy > Create a candlelight fund >
In memory giving > Candlelight Fund Newsletter 2013/14 >
Candlelight funds > Search candlelight funds >



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