Hope for the people of Sierra Leone

“There is horror, sadness and tragedy – but there is also hope”

patrick-jamiru (150x)“I am often asked what the consequences of the Ebola crisis will be for Sierra Leone, and I compare it to our long bloody civil war in the 1990s. Ebola leaves in its wake, orphans – who have now lost their source of food, education, love and care; it has taken our farmers away from the fields – it has shut down our roads and market places – destroying future economic prosperity.”

Woman with hygine bucket (A4 portrait)“We cannot allow ourselves to be defeated by this invisible enemy. If we greet the sunrise tomorrow, we give thanks for another day of life.

There is horror, there is sadness and there is tragedy, but there is also hope. Hope is what we all cling to.

There are many stories of singing coming from hospital wards, of patients and staff with the spirit to keep fighting on. And we fight on in the belief that the world has finally woken up to Ebola and got serious about it.”

Donate to the Ebola appeal and help us reach more communities >


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