Public Awareness Programme

Combating Ebola with trust

patrick-jamiru (150x)“Our trust in each other has been dented, yet we can only combat Ebola by gaining trust, not eroding it.

That is why the support we are getting from the Caritas network through CAFOD and Trocaire – mobilising the public education awareness programme – is at the heart of building trust within our fearful communities.”

CAFOD’s partners, parish priests, catechists and church volunteers have spread out across the diocese of Kenema bringing messages of prevention, but also messages of love, care and hope, as there are many people in remote rural areas who feel forgotten.

Ebola key messages poster (A4 landscape large)“This is a new disease for us and every day that patients get treated, and the public get educated to understand the Ebola virus, we learn how to do things a little better for next time.”

“We must never forget our own health workers working long hours, sacrificing contact with their families, having to watch their colleagues die. They do not step away from the bedsides of the sick and the dying.”

Our partners in Sierra Leone and Liberia are training priests, parish volunteers, imams, spiritualists and traditional healers to spread the word about hand washing, good hygiene and safe burial practices, as well as distributing hygiene kits.

Donate to the Ebola appeal and help us reach more communities >


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