Nativity Run

6 December 2014O Come All Ye Joggers!!
Nativity Run
Clapham Common


Where has the tea towel has gone? Maybe someone has taken it to play Joseph in the CAFOD Nativity Run on Clapham Common. Why are people sprouting fake beards? Well maybe they are going to be shepherds.

Nativity RunIt’s a real family event and the seriously fit can do the 10 or 5 kilometre run or you and the little ones can do the ‘todddle.’ If you are going to be an angel you might need to get some flying lessons in.

On Saturday 6 December on Clapham Common, our fancy dress, festive day out is back. Now there is a mug of mulled wine waiting for you when you cross the finish line!

So get out the tea towels you Josephs and Marys. Get ‘of child’ with a cushion and sign up for the run or walk.

There are three distances:

  1. the Nativity Toddle which starts at 10:00am or
  2. five kilometre run, starting at 10:30am or
  3. ten kilometers which also starts at 10:30am. Try that in sandals!!

Registration costs £15 for the 10k run. The 5k run is £10 for over eighteens, £5 for teens between twelve and seventeen and free for those twelve or under. The Nativity toddle is free to all entrants.

All adult entries include an optional donation to CAFOD and all paid entry includes chip timing and race timing. Child entries do not include a timing chip.

> For more information visit
or contact the CAFOD Events Team.


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