Tread tenderly as you go – an Advent reflection

This reflection – climate and environment draws on the themes of advent and creation.

Late, the last of the flowers remain
holding out against autumn storm.
Time edges toward Advent
yet the season has not come.
Leaves of yellow, gold and murky brown
lie strewn against the flesh of the earth
welcomed, uncertainly home.

Read the times we are told
autumn roosting where winter once lay.
The signs of consumption,
destruction, travail
tomorrow may not bring a new day!
the birthing of our earth,
who stands in attendance?

The liars and deniers
who charge this as normal.
The ostriches
who only want to keep their necks warm.
The prophets of comestibles
who believe it’s too late anyway…

…And weep with me a while…

… then gift yourself again with hope
of winter once more be timely
Reuse, remake, recycle, share
Wear your cloth another year
Prepare a gift of your own self
let your feet touch the earth
remembering deep friendship.

Tread tenderly as you go
Taking only in your need.
Embody all you’ve come to know
Repair and nurture, heal and feed
and of your own self give
that we, with others too,
may simply live.

Dance again in autumn leaves
pull tight your coat on Advent days
Seasons colours in time will call
for festive songs and food for all.
And in the meanwhile ready yourself
to bring to birth, both here and now!
the unlikeliest of presence.


 Pat Pierce/CAFOD


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