“I can grow vegetables throughout the year”

Philipos (A4 portrait)Farming communities Taza Garba in Southern Ethiopia grow crops and keep some livestock for their livelihood.

They mainly grow cereal crops using seasonal rain from the rivers once a year. But in the last three years alone drought has affected the area, causing shortage of food and water.

CAFOD partners helped communities to develop their own water wells which they can use to grow vegetables. Philipos Funto is one of the beneficiaries. He was supported with construction materials and advice and he dug his own well. After the water well was constructed, he started growing different vegetables on a quarter of hectare in his garden.

Philipos working his garden (A4 landscape)

Philipos says, ‘Before this water well was constructed, I was growing vegetables only during a rainy season which is once a year. I can now grow two-three times a year using water from this well. Since this water well was constructed, I produce different vegetables for our own consumption and to sell at the local market.’

He said: ‘A few years ago, it was just a dream for me to make this much money. My savings are not large, but I have managed to improve them and feed my family throughout the year. I will give my children what they need for their education too.’


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