Student Climate Ambassadors

Later this year CAFOD launches a new scheme and will be looking for around three students in years 7-11 from your school to be our climate change ambassadors.

We are currently putting together the application process. It will be based on what young people are doing already with CAFOD and what they want to do as an ambassador. They will also need to write a blog or record a vlog (video blog) – as this is part of what they will be doing as Climate Ambassadors.

We will provide residential and on going training for all the chosen ambassadors.

There is more information to come when the applications process opens. However, as ambassadors will be chosen because of what they have done with CAFOD, this is the ideal time to identify some likely students and get a head start now.

Here are three things you could do this term:

1. Take part in our climate change action, For The Love Of >

2. Get involved in our Harvest celebrations this year >

3. Set up a CAFOD club for lunchtime or after-school >




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