Harvest of Talents

For our Harvest festival we are inviting schools to take part in a special project with CAFOD called ‘Harvest of Talents.’

Think about Jesus’ Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30), a parable that communicates the message that it is important to use the gifts that God has given us. It is not enough to bury our talents in the ground; rather, it is by going out into the world, sharing and using our time and talents with others, for the common good, that we serve God.

Many of CAFOD’s projects help people develop their livelihoods, including keeping bees and harvesting the honey, keeping chickens and harvesting the eggs, and many more. With your help, we can help more people start their own businesses and so help themselves, their family and even their community escape out of poverty.

What’s involved?

sacred-heart-enterprise (A4 Large Portrait Closeup)This project is a modern day application of the parable. We will give a group of young people £5 each (seed capital) with the specific challenge of coming up with creative, entrepreneurial ideas to put it to good use and turn it into as large a sum as possible within a month. The initial £5 ought to be returned at the end of the project. And by investing it, in young people, with their energy and enthusiasm how much profit could you make for people living with poverty around the world?

Who can take part?

Ideally a class or group of 30 pupils in years 7 – 9 (Key Stage Three). However, Sacred Heart Primary School has recently shown us that this could be a whole school activity.

What are the benefits?

It is a great alternative to a sponsored walk. It is a way of fulfilling curriculum requirements to cover issues such as business and enterprise, while offering an opportunity to demonstrate the school’s commitment to wider social concerns. On a personal level, it is also a worthwhile addition to young people’s CVs.

So, how do I do it?

Choose the size of group that you are going to involve in this project – perhaps it is a business studies class or a form group? How many people? Perhaps you can afford the seed capital to give everyone in the school £5 to begin their enterprise project?

> Tell us that you’re running the Harvest of Talents and by registering we can help you with the seed capital. We can offer £10 per group of three students instead of a £5 investment for up to 30 people.

We will also help to run and present the introductory workshop.

Invite all participants to a workshop which would typically take around 90 minutes (or 2x 60 minutes). The workshop begins by introducing the biblical theme and ideas behind using our talents, to explain why the money raised would support CAFOD’s projects.

You can choose between our Brazilian and our Kenyan themed workshop presentations:

> View the Harvest of Talents Workshop guide (feat. Brazil)

> and the accompanying Harvest of Talents powerpoint presentation (feat. Brazil)

> View the Harvest of Talents Workshop guide (feat. Kenya)

> and the accompanying Harvest of Talents powerpoint presentation (feat. Kenya)

> Download the Harvest of Talents reflection featuring our project in Brazil

> Download the Harvest of Talents reflection featuring our work in Kenya

The second half of the session will help participants plan their enterprise project.

£5 What's it worth> Download our template Harvest of Talents parents letter

> Download our Harvest of Talent Top Tips on project planning

> Download our template Harvest of Talents planning sheet

> Download our Harvest of Talents Taking the challenge pledge sheet (suggested)

> You can also use our simple project participants list to keep track of who you’ve given seed capital too and what project they are doing.


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