Helping children resist hunger around the world

HungryforChangeAt Harvest time we give thanks for the food we enjoy, and share what we have with others. So come dine with CAFOD and share a meal with our friends across the world.

With your help, over the past few years we have achieved much, helping tackle some of the injustices in our global food system.

Thousands of people joined us in calling for a food system, with many of you demanding action at the Big If rally and 14,000 children and young people signing loaves and fishes cards to send to Downing Street.

World leaders pledged £2.7 billion to make sure children get the food they need.

Lent2014 Mohammed (landscape)Mohammed in Sierra Leone now has enough food to survive the ‘hungry season’. He has been able to sell extra rice so that he can save some money and go back to school.

Efrain (Medium Landscape)Efrain in Guatemala was taught to grow and sell vegetables. He now eats nutritious food that he has grown himself.

Makuu (Large landscape)Makuu in Kenya learnt to grow food in his school vegetable garden. When he leaves school, he’ll know how to grow enough food to feed himself.


There is no quick solution to global hunger. And right now one in eight people across the world are still hungry. There is more that we, together with our brothers and sisters across the world, can do.

“Let us leave a spare place at our table: a place for those who lack the basics, who are alone.”

Pope Francis

> Share a harvest meal and raise money to support our Hunger for Change appeal.

> Join our secondary schools Harvest celebrations – Come dine with CAFOD

> Join our primary school Harvest celebrations – The Big Silly Share


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