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New Geography pack on El Salvador

main_illustration (A4 Large Transparent)Meet eight year old Jacqueline from El Salvador. She lives in a village in Guaymango called Puentecitos. Jacqueline is one of four children who feature in CAFOD’s new education pack for primary schools.

Puentecitos is in the west of El Salvador, near the border with Guatemala. The landscape is beautiful, with steep hillsides and lots of volcanoes.

Geog resource photo cards v419 (A4 Large)

From September thousands of schools will be teaching a new Geography curriculum, with the new core requirement that all children learn about countries in North, Central and South America. CAFOD’s new pack will introduce children to El Salvador, a country in Central America where CAFOD has worked with partners for many yGeog front cover (A4 Large)ears, supporting communities build a better life for themselves.

Download the full pack here >

El Salvador suffered a violent civil war from 1980-1992, with inequality between the rich and the poor being one of the root causes.Although El Salvador is a more democratic country today, there are still serious problems of violence and inequality, along with the ongoing threat of earthquakes and hurricanes.

CAFOD has been working in El Salvador since the 1970s, through peace projects and supporting communities reduce the risk of disasters. It’s these aspects of CAFOD’s work in El Salvador that the new education pack focuses on, exploring these geographical topics through the lives and local environments of four children living there.

Map (A4 Large)Visit the online El Salvador film page for clips about the children featured and the country >

The pack includes an illustrated map, photo cards, online films and classroom activities that will help inspire within children in the UK a curiosity about the world and its people.

Visit our Geography page to download the full pack and to watch the films >


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