Gift Aid Envelopes

In January 2013 the government changed the rules for Gift Aid, giving us more information to include on the gift aid envelopes.

This means, if you are using anything other than the new ‘place at your table’ envelopes they are out of date and we can’t claim the Gift Aid that has been donated.

Please get rid of any old CAFOD envelopes as they are no longer valid.

The new green (and yellow) ‘place at your table’ envelopes have been designed so you can use them throughout the year – not just in the Fast Day collections. So you can keep hold of a few to use later.

Gift Aid Envelopes

For each parish we have a requested number of envelopes that we use as a guide, and we will send you this number for each appeal. This doesn’t necessarily match the mass attendance figures in the directory as we can alter the number especially for your parish. 

If you have lots of the new envelopes and so don’t need us to send as many next time, please let us know and we’ll alter our record.

If you think you won’t have enough envelopes next time please let us know as soon as possible so we can make the changes before an emergency appeal.


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