Meet Antony Mbandi – Director of Caritas Kitui

Antony Mbandi – Director of Caritas Kitui

Anthony Mbandi (A4 landscape large)

Antony is married and father of two children aged eleven and six. He is responsible for coordination of all development initiatives in the diocese of Kitui. These initiatives are mainly related to social needs as well as structural church development. Caritas Kitui is the social arm of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui, and it is involved in sustainable, innovative and transformative work in witness of Christ.

He has had no time to play sports for many years but enjoys watching Formula 1.

Antony is inspired by his two children: “If I can only leave the world a better place for them… The problems of climate change affect everyone under the sun. The main difference is the degree of climate change impact and the capacity to cope with adverse effects of climate change.”

Antony was our special guest speaker at CAFOD’s Climate Change Event in East Anglia, hosted by our partner Ecotricity in the Green Britain Centre, Swaffham, on Wednesday 9 July 2014.


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