CAFOD’s work in Kitui, Kenya

CAFOD Supported Work in Kitui

CAFOD has been supporting relief and develop work in Kitui for several years. These projects include supporting integrated disaster risk reduction and sustainable livelihoods, (such as the new Hands On: Kitui initiative) and a community based green energy project.

The green energy project is giving 407,792 households, schools and health centres in rural Kenya better access to modern, affordable and sustainable energy services.The project is installing solar panels for lighting in 90 schools in Kitui, Isiolo and Kajiado and enabling children to get the light they need to read, and so improve their performance in school. It is also helping the school reduce the amount of wood they need to use for cooking.

The project is also installing solar panel for lighting in 48 health centres so they can stay open for longer, and installing refrigeration systems to store vaccines for immunisation. In the same health centres, the project is installing solar water treatment systems to ensure the patients and communities living near the health centres get clean water for drinking in order to reduce the outbreak of water born diseases.

Meet our partner, Anthony Mbandi who visited East Anglia on 9 July 2014.


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