News from Brazil – Easter 2014

We have received some news from the Mauá community in Brazil who were facing eviction yesterday, Tuesday the 15th of April. The good news is that eviction order is suspended for 60 days, until early June, because the authorities recognised that the community didn’t receive enough warning.

Nete addresses the residents of Sao PauloNete, the community leader, has sent us a message of thanks for our support. Last night, she and about 200 residents from Mauá marched on São Paulo City Hall to urge the government to purchase the building without further delay. They were met by a spokeswoman, who said the government had promised to make a down payment next week.

According to Nete, the safety objections raised by the fire brigade could still be enough to evict the families. A further inspection has raised even more safety issues, even though a lot of remedial work has been done. Families are working hard to address these issues, installing fire extinguishers, hand rails and emergency lighting.


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