Giving up treats for Lent

The pupils at St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Sudbury decided to quit sweets, crisps and other tasty treats and give the money they save to CAFOD.

Each class aimed to raise enough money to buy a special gift to improve the lives of people in developing countries, through CAFOD’s World Gifts fundraising scheme.

sudbury pupils cafod resize

Head of School Lydia Bowles said: “This is a very important time in our faith when we will be helping the children to prepare for the celebration of Easter. Each class has chosen a World Gift to donate to CAFOD, including a disaster warning kit, a goat and chickens.”

“It is our hope the families will encourage their child to give up something for Lent like sweets or crisps and then donate the money to the class gift.”

The pupils – aged 4 to 11 – also had a non-uniform day and each donated £1.


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