In two years Clementine has given so much to CAFOD

Clementine A4 portrait thumbnailInspiring volunteer Clementine Florence has pulled out all the stops for CAFOD East Anglia during her two years’ work.

But the 27-year-old maintains the relationship has been mutually beneficial. Not only has the aid charity had vital work done with high competency, but Clementine has learnt so much for her future career.


Clementine, who was originally from France, is highly-qualified. As well as being multi-lingual, she has a degree in languages and read a post-graduate MSc at Glasgow University in human rights and international development.

But job-wise she found it a challenge to initially find a role because she needed more practical experience in a workplace. She had moved to Norfolk, after living in places including Spain and Northern Ireland with her anaesthetist partner.

clementine (A4 landscape)

Practical experience

Clementine said: “Finding out about CAFOD and that is had an office in Norfolk was fantastic. I realised I could get practical experience where I wanted to go. My degree and post-grad on their own were not enough. Jobs were looking for someone with experience and now I could get that and in in an environment which was actually relevant to my qualifications.

“I started off with simple things to help me get to know the organisation and then I moved on to administration and social media. It made me very useful. Diocesan officer Rebecca Palmer is very good with volunteers and very supportive. She has helped me develop so many new skills so that I have both been useful to CAFOD and also to help me..”

Fear overcome

An initial fear of making phone calls in English was soon overcome.

She said: “Spending time on the phone in English seemed like a big thing for me as it is not my first language. One of my first jobs was to ring around lots of people to get feedback and it did me a lot of good. Soon it was fine and I was confident.”

Her role was generally two days a week, and at times less when she fitted it around other work, so she has been very generous with her time for the CAFOD East Anglia Office.

Central part of our office

CAFOD East Anglia diocesan manager Stephen Matthews said: “Clementine was a central part of our office and we benefited greatly from the time she gave us”.

She is moving to pastures new as she and her partner are moving to Scotland.

Thank you from everyone at CAFOD for your hard work.

> Find out more about volunteering for CAFOD East Anglia


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