Meet Helen

Helen Savelli is a school volunteer.  Find out what she has been getting up to as she visits primary schools around Norwich, and what inspires her to give up her time.

Helen Savelli (A4)“I volunteer with CAFOD as I feel passionately about Global Justice, reducing world poverty and upholding Gospel values. CAFOD holds the values that enable me to have small part to play in trying to make a difference.”

What keeps you motivated?

Education is the key in shaping a generation’s view on our world and I feel totally privileged to be even a small part of that. If even one child is motivated to make a difference/pray/raise money, as a result of anything I have communicated to them, that is enough motivation for me to continue in the role.

Can you tell us a little of what you do?

As well as being involved in the Fast Days and presenting assemblies on those themes, I have also been in to various classes and talked to them as part of their topics.

I’ve introduced the Adika Puppet (from the Trocaire pack) in several KS1 classes. The learning objective being ‘to raise awareness of the wider world and the connections between people around the world’ giving the children an understanding of fairness and the ability to empathise.

Helen Savelli teaches (A4)I’ve spoken to a Year 5 class, in connection with their topic on food and poverty. They wanted to know about the distribution of food during a famine. I did a case study on the East Africa crisis and made a version of UNIMIX for the children to try.

I was also asked to talk to a Year 3 class on Earthquakes for their Active Planet topic, and I talked to a Year 2 class about the ‘Village that Came Alive’ for their One World topic. This was something I had done the year before and it had inspired the class teachers to make a mini-movie of the town that came alive. I also did a general CAFOD talk, including a Millionaire Quiz, to our local cubs group.

What do you find most rewarding?

My most successful visits are always ones where I feel the children are really engaged. So the most rewarding thing about visits is when the children are inspired by what they’ve learnt. When a child (or sometimes an adult) comes and makes a personal comment to you showing they have been moved or motivated to make a difference by what they have heard: that’s motivating!


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