Introducing Connect2

Ever wanted to find out about CAFOD’s work on the ground and how it impacts on the lives of people in the communities where your donations are used?

While CAFOD works in over 40 countries around the world, we are following four particular projects: In Brazil, Cambodia, Ethiopia and El Salvador through our Connect2 scheme.

Just as a family does not submerge the identities of its individual members, just as the Church rejoices in each new creation … so too the unity of the human family does not  submerge the identities of individuals, peoples and cultures, but makes them more transparent to each other and links them more closely in their legitimate diversity”

(Paragraph 53 Caritas in Veritate  Pope Benedict XVI)

Our Connect2 schemes are ideal for a parish or group who want to learn more about overseas development by following the work that CAFOD does, with our partners. Pick a country, any of these four in the scheme, and we will keep you connected to the local community as we deliver our project, helping them develop and move out of poverty.

Connect2 - globe (transparent)

We will introduce you to the country, the culture, climate and cuisine. In each of the four schemes there are several narrators who will share with us the challenges that they and their community face, and allow us to glimpse into their lives, their troubles and triumphs.

You’ll hear directly from people in developing countries who are working hard, often against the odds, to improve their lives. This is their chance to tell you themselves, in their own words, about how your support is changing their lives. You’ll get to know the local people and discover how our partners are making a difference.

“Through Connect2, I have learned more about the value of solidarity that exists amongst CAFOD’s supporters in England and Wales. Before, I thought that only a few people were involved. Now I realise that there are whole communities supporting CAFOD’s work.”

(Erasmo Valiente, El Salvador)

Any money you raise will support our work in the community and others like them, in the country you choose. Over time you’ll see and hear how your support changes lives.


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