Church enjoys the simple things.

Sr Pat Robb recieves Livesimply award (landscape - a4 cropped)Church wins award for its simple living

St Laurence parish church is recognised for its action for the environment.

On the 21st September, St Laurence Church in Cambridge became recognised as the greenest parish in East Anglia.

The people of St Laurence have transformed their church. They have got rid of all disposable cutlery and plates, installed solar panels on the roof and turned their garden into habitat for wildlife.

They have also organised simple shared lunches as fundraising activities and hosted campaign action days to raise awareness among the local community about issues of global hunger and the scarcity of water around the world.

To gain the Livesimply Award, the parish were also asked to demonstrate their commitment to living simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor. They were asked to put together an action plan of further activities to continue this lifestyle.

Receiving the award on behalf of the church, Sister Pat Robb, a parishioner and life-long activist for peace and justice said:

“We have been putting Pope Francis’s vision for ‘a poor church for poor people’ into action. We are challenging each other to cut down on commercialism and enjoy the simple things of life”.

IMGAs a result of receiving this award, Sister Pat and Mary Watkins (CAFOD’s parish contact) were photographed for the local paper, see right>>

Stephen Matthews, CAFOD’s diocesan manager for East Anglia, and one of the assessors of the award said:

“I’m really pleased that the people of St Laurence’s church have won this award. They have put their values to the test and transformed their church. I’m really impressed with how the whole community has taken on their challenge to live more simply. Other parishes can learn from this and take action to live simply.”

Does your parish practice what it preaches? You too could qualify for the Livesimply Award. You may be almost there, have a look at the award criteria and see what you need to do.


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