Please lend us a hand

A brilliant new short film by artist and CAFOD supporter, Sasha Langford.

Sasha took part in the first year of CAFOD’s Step Into The Gap programme, and was inspired by her experiences to make a beautiful animated film about the experiences of one teenage girl during the Rwandan genocide, a film which went on to win the Best Documentary Prize at the BFI Future Film Festival 2013.

Her new film is inspired by CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign, and reflects on the fact that 870 million people are going hungry in the world every day. As Sasha’s film says, if all those people were to hold hands, the line would go around the world not just once, but more than twenty times.

Chris Bain, CAFOD’s Director, said:

“Sasha’s beautiful film vividly illustrates both the huge scale and the terrible human cost of hunger in our world today. It also illustrates another vital point. We can never fix the problem of world hunger by going along a line of all the hungry people handing out food every day. We can only fix it by enabling those people to feed themselves and their communities, and by addressing the unfairness at the heart of the global food system which prevents that happening. If we all lend a hand to fight hunger on June 8, then can start to change that system.”


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