Tour de Fred

Fred is CAFOD’s star fundraiser and this summer he is cycling over 1,000 miles from diocese to diocese across England and Wales to highlight the thousands of people in the world who are living with extreme hunger.

This June, Fred Uttley will be cycling around all 22 dioceses of England and Wales to raise awareness and money for CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign.

FredThe 68-year-old schools volunteer from Salford diocese will cycle arrive in Cambridge on Monday 24 June and he will be greeted by the children of St Bede’s Inter Church School, St Mary’s Girls School (Juniors) and St Alban’s Primary School. He leaves us the next day, Tuesday 25 June, from St Laurence Primary School, heading out to St Neots and onward to Northampton diocese.

His arrival in Cambridge completes his journey from London on day 17 of his Tour of England and Wales. Coming into Cambridge – Britain’s cycling capital – Fred arrives a year before the Tour de France leaves for London.

While cycling is becoming more and more popular across the UK, Fred says that the inspiration for his bike ride came out of the blue, as an alternative to his regular fundraising quiz.

“I wanted to think of another way to raise money, so I was sat at home and then it came to me: ‘Why don’t I do a bike ride round each of the dioceses in the UK for CAFOD?’

Fred is bravely taking on a huge challenge:

“I haven’t ridden a bike in 50 years. I think the distance will be the biggest challenge!”

Fred’s adventure also challenges us to help prevent thousands of people going hungry in the world.

Fred is Hungry for Change!

Something is clearly wrong when small-scale farmers, who grow half the world’s food, don’t have enough to eat. Together we can make sure that everyone has enough to eat.

You can help families in Rajshahi, Bangladesh who are hungry for change:

1. The main focus of Fred’s visit to East Anglia is to raise awareness of the problem of hunger, with 1 in 8 people going hungry when there is enough food in the world.

2. Fred is collecting our Hunger of Change action cards to take to the Prime Minister.

3. Fred is raising funds especially to support small-scale farmers in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Fred wants to raise £5,000 and we would like to support these farmers too.

£50 would train a farmer to grow and care for crops using drought-resistant seeds.

£100 would create a village ‘seed bank’ to keep seeds safe from drought or pests.

£1,000 would give the village a business – start up package that will enable local people to buy food and pay for their children’s education.

> Follow Fred’s route across East Anglia on Stage 17 and Stage 18 of his grand tour.

> There are three ways to support Fred!


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