Corpus Christi Novena – Day 1

“Give us this day our daily bread” is one of the most beautiful phrases of The Lord’s Prayer and connects us emotionally with God, who is our Father and Mother. On saying these words, we are filled with the simplicity of children when they ask something from that special person, full of security and convinced that they will not be left without sustenance, shelter or love. But the “give us” also represents a collective request, rather than an individual one, a request for food for all of God’s sons and daughters.

It is the shared table described by Father Father Rutilio Grande SJRutilio Grande SJ, the first priest to be assassinated in El Salvador on 12 March 1977. He spoke of a table with long cloths and a place for each of us, where no-one lacks sustenance.

“The bread” represents life, food, health, shelter, affection, the bread of life, Christ himself and all that we need to have a fulfilled life.

“To the extent that people are happy, the Glory of Christ is made manifest. As people find paths of peace, justice, fraternity and love, Christ is being glorified… through the happiness of a nation”.

(Homily of Monseñor Romero, 20 January 1980).

Gerardo Morales, Director of the Jesuit Development Service, a CAFOD partner in El Salvador


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