Hungry for Change? Here’s what we can do…

It’s a scandal that 870 million people don’t have enough to eat, when the world produces enough food to feed us all. Everybody has a right to food, but the way that food is grown, sold and shared out is not working for the world’s poorest people.

This animation shows how the global food system isn’t working for the world’s poorest people and introduces CAFOD’s new Hungry for change campaign on food and hunger. Within the animation, you can click through to extra stories from Kenya, Bangladesh, El Salvador and the UK, and to go deeper into the myths and realities behind the global food system.

CAFOD’s Hungry for change campaign calls for a fairer food system for everyone. Are you hungry for change? Take action now!

Come with us on 8 June to London to ask the World’s Leaders to agree to eradicate extreme hunger and help prevent people going to bed hungry.

We’re calling on Prime Minister David Cameron for a fairer food system, where power is shared justly between rich and poor. The current food system is failing because the balance of power is tipped towards global food companies and supermarkets, rather than small-scale farmers who grow our food. On 8 June the Prime Minister hosts a Food Summit for the world’s leaders as they prepare for the G8 meeting.

The Hungry for Change campaign is calling for empowering aid to support small-scale farmers, especially women, and to boost co-operatives and local markets. It is also calling for more information about the activities of global food companies and checks on their power.

The campaign encourages all of us to play our play in creating a fairer food system by looking at what we put on our plates, and buying food which is sustainable, Fairtrade or local.


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