It’s not a load of rubbish

Hunger for Change BinsSt Alban’s children have been decorating wheelie bins for CAFOD this year. The CAFOD theme this year is Hungry for Change.

Each class chose a different word and picture. The words for our themes were:  Dignity, Rights, Vulnerable, Family, Solidarity, Stewardship and Rights for Workers.

Some children from Year 6 brought in clothes to acknowledge Dignity and made a mountain of clothes for CAFOD. Another class decorated the top of their bin with flower pots and trowels, symbolising Stewardship.



One pupil who decorated a bin said that “These bins are a wonderful idea and they made the area friendly and bright; a colourful place.”

A parent said “I think the bins are wonderfully decorated, and they are a great display of the children’s art, work and understanding.”

A class teacher commented that the staff thought long and hard about what to do but once the idea of “Hungry for Change” and “no waste” came about the bins were the ideal canvas to make the point.


Public witness

Our headteacher, Mr McCrossan decided that we should put our bins on Hills Road, the main road into Cambridge. They were put in the Church grounds of  OLEM (Our Lady and the English Martyrs) for the public to see them as they walked by, drove past or sat on the a bus while waiting for the lights to change.

Last year the schools’ public art was more overtly Christian. The school decorated 8×6 foot crosses with the message of the crucifixion being conveyed on each cross.

A mother and child walked past, and the child asked “Mummy what’s that?” She replied. “Its the Catholics, they’re being political. The bins are a protest and the children are telling the people of Cambridge a message.”

Team work

St Alban's School BadgeIn all the classes the children put their ideas together to make some wonderful art work. They are very proud of the work they have done and in a creative way they have understood the meaning of the CAFOD campaign. Hungry for Change means there is too much waste in this world and people are suffering because of people and leaders not thinking more about others.

We also wanted everyone to see that this was a CAFOD project.

By Caitlin K, Kitty M and Maria, Year 6 pupils from St Alban’s Catholic Primary Cambridge.




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