Priest on the run

Patrick Cleary - Star FundraiserFather Patrick Cleary is our star fundraiser. He put his body on the line and has raised £2,297 for CAFOD by completing a half-marathon.

The parish priest of St Laurence, Cambridge, decided to seek sponsorship for CAFOD as he believes in the work that we do. He has never forgotten when he was working in Bolivia and a local parish priest showed him a water pump CAFOD had paid for.

He is impressed that CAFOD’s keep their administration costs so low, and most of this goes to make sure the money is looked after, that CAFOD is accountable for the good use of funds raised.

He likes the fact that CAFOD has grown organically from small beginnings and concerns itself with educating people about the causes of poverty as well as charitable giving. He thinks it right that CAFOD has a campaigning role and that issues are not ducked.

Running the Eastbourne half-marathon meant he had to put in a good bit of preparation during the winter months, setting goals and generally sticking to them. And avoid temptation: he wishes his regular route had not required him to pass his front door before he turned for home!

Despite the setback of a ricked ankle he began to believe he could run the distance and did so twice before the race itself.

Father Pat is rightly pleased with his achievement. He knows he can rise to a physical challenge if he really puts his mind to it. Although he didn’t always enjoy the training, he enjoyed completing the challenge.

He would like to thank Hannah and Francesca (the CAFOD events team) who supported him and suggested using the efficient JustGiving website to collect sponsorship money. He was very touched by the generosity of his parishioners in their encouragement and sponsorship.

Unfortunately Father Pat became unwell following his race but he wants to assure everyone that the doctors say it was a virus and purely coincidental – nothing to do with his physical exertions!

Father Patrick was interviewed by Mary Watkins when he returned to Cambridge.

Are you inspired to compete for CAFOD? There are plenty of activities you can do. Join us for our next big challenge. Get your friends and family to sponsor you to cycle with us as part of our Tour de Fred. 


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