Connecting people: East Anglia and Rwanda

This September Camilla Storrie, executive assistant to the director of CAFOD, went on a trip to the CAFOD Connect2 community of Musha in Rwanda. During her visit she presented the community with cards, gifts and a short film from parishes across our region.

Back in the UK Camilla came back to East Anglia on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of October to share this unique experience with us and to show a short film she made during her visit to Musha:

For this event both the parishes of St. Georges and of Poringland in Norwich gave us a very warm welcome, during a fundraising dinner for the first and a Fairtrade breakfast for the second…

Gloria Irons, Parish Contact Extraordinaire from St. Georges, told us “there were 57 people present for the dinner, it was enjoyed by everybody and a tremendous success, with £400 raised for Connect2! The general feeling was how wonderful it was to get a
feedback like that. The parishioners now feel close to the ladies in Musha”.

Mary Pitt, our Super Parish Contact from Poringland, shared with us similar impressions: “this was important for our parish, people here give very generously to CAFOD and it is great to get this kind of feedback from the people we supported. I think we gained a lot from it; we’d seen pictures of these women but to hear Camilla had met them, connected with them it was lovely to share. It was both moving and humbling really to see how courageous the women of Musha are”.  She also mentioned that someone in the parish had written a card for Musha and it was lovely to see that it had arrived there and how it was received.

And of course we asked Camilla her thoughts on her visit to our diocese; this is what she told us: “It was wonderful to meet the lovely and extremely committed Connect2 Rwanda supporters at St. George’s and at Poringland and Loddon.  It was a huge privilege to be able to exchange their messages and gifts of solidarity with the community in Musha on their behalf.  It is unwavering support of Parishes such as St George’s and Poringland and Loddon that has helped our friends in Musha in their recovery process.”

We thank our parishes for this opportunity to connect and share, our parish contacts for their precious help in spreading the word and helping make these events a success and Father Tony of St. Georges and Father Mark of Poringland for their welcome.

Through this experience we made a real connection.

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