Art Exhibition raises £500!

The art exhibition held at St Laurence’s in February was a great success, showcasing some fantastic art and raising money for CAFOD.

Organiser Arn Dekker, gave this report:

“More than 20 artists, young and old, took part, making their creations available for others to view. The aim of the exhibition was to show the creativity present in the parish and at the same time to try and raise funds for CAFOD through the sale of coffee, tea and cakes.  Children from St.Laurence’s school took part as well and put on a great show with drawings, Egyptian jars and quilts.

On Saturday morning, when the doors to the exhibition were opened, it became clear that the weekend was going to be busy. Right from the first minute a steady stream of visitors came through the doors and the relay teams of tea and coffee servers were kept very busy.

There had been many offers from parishioners of home-made cakes, flapjacks, biscuits, etc.and these pre-Lent delights did not stay in their tins for very long.  Some of the items on display had been kindly offered for sale by their makers, with the entire proceeds of the sales going to CAFOD.

A number of these works of art had been cleverly reproduced and printed as postcards and these proved to be very popular with the visitors.

We could all look back on a fabulous team effort that had made this into a really wonderful week-end. Not only did so many artists have a chance to put their work on display, we all got to see the enormous creativity alive in our parish, and beside all that, a fabulous sum of over £500.- was raised for the work of CAFOD.

Thanks are due to so many people who helped out during the weekend, including Fr.David who was a great support, but special thanks should go to Mike Smith whose idea it was in the first place.”

CAFOD would like to thank all involved, in particular Martin Avery for taking all the photos shown, and all the artists – some beautiful pieces of art were produced and a great sum of money raised.


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