Give it Up!!

‘Give it up’ to transform someone’s life

Lent 2010 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Fast Day.  Lent is a time in which many of us choose to give something up as a reflection of our faith.  

This year we are asking you to consider giving up something and donating the money you save to CAFOD.  By doing so you can create some amazing changes for people who live in the developing world.  The money saved by missing out on your favourite biscuits each day, for instance, could go towards a bicycle, helping a health volunteer take food to orphaned children.

David, who is 74, uses a bicycle provided by CAFOD to take food, clothes and simple medical care to children struggling to cope alone in Kigali.

To take part you can pick up an envelope at your church or, if you want more information please come to one of our ‘Give it Up’  information sessions.  We will be holding two sessions designed to let you know what you, your parish or school, can do in this 50th anniversary year to raise money for the poor around the world.

Dates and Venues

Wed 3rd Feb at 10.30 am, St Felix Church, Felixstowe

Sat 6th Feb at 10.30 am, St John’s Cathedral, Norwich

 For further details please contact the CAFOD East Anglia office on 01603 624714 or email



CAFOD Fast Days have raised over £65 million in the last 50 years.  Just imagine how many people that’s helped around the world.


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