Art Exhibition

Supporters at St Laurence’s parish in Cambridge are organising an art exhibition, during the weekend of the 13th and 14th of February, with the intention of raising funds for CAFOD.  The event will be held in the Parish Rooms.

The majority of the art on display will be produced by parishioners and some of these pieces will be offered for sale with proceeds to benefit CAFOD.  In addition, a number of bronze artefacts by professional artists will be on show, which call attention to issues of environmental and justice and peace concern.

"Captive" Heather Blum

Heather Blum: "Captive". This piece will be on display at the art exhibition.

An example is this 110 mm bronze entitled ‘Captive’, a creation by the American artist Heather Blum. It shows an imprisoned woman, staring out at the world. The imprisonment can be considered to be physical, cultural or psychological or may represent any other method by which women can be excluded from fully taking part in everyday life.

The exhibition, which will be open to all visitors, has already stirred many into action, looking for frames, preparing catalogues and organising display units.

Previous, similar shows have proved to be very popular by exhibitors and visitors alike and we are hoping for good weather so that any ‘overspill’ may be accommodated in the parish garden.

For more information please contact Arn Dekker (


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