Creation Celebration in Alburgh

Twenty parishioners aged from nine to 89 from all over the tiny parish of St Edmund Bungay and Harleston turned out on a rainy night in June to celebrate creation and express their care for our common home reports CAFOD volunteer Mary Kirk.

The house Mass, organised by the parish CAFOD team, was held in the village of Alburgh, South Norfolk, in the home of two parishioners, and was followed by a meat-free bring-and-share meal.


Fr Charles Fitzgerald-Lombard (in red vestments for the feast of St Boniface)

The Mass opened with everyone singing “How great Thou art.” Parish priest, Fr Charles Fitzgerald-Lombard chose the first reading, which was from St Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, beginning with the words “There is no limit to the blessings which God can end you.” In his homily Fr Charles said that people often came up to Jesus and asked “What must we do,” and that clearly in terms of the environment and climate change there was a great deal that each person could do to live simply and reduce their carbon footprint.

The offerings of earth, seeds, oil and a plant symbolised God’s gifts, now under threat by man-made destructive ways of living.

After the Mass one of the CAFOD team, Mark Kalinauckas, spoke, urging everyone to be heedful of the environmental disaster which we have created, and to live more simply.

Afterwards one octogenarian parishioner said: “You really feel part of the community, it makes me think that is how it must have been in the early Church when the first Christians gathered in each other’s homes to pray and worship, and of course the women organised and facilitated a great deal of it!”

Jane Crone, of CAFOD in East Anglia explained that ‘This summer CAFOD are encouraging parishes to hold Creation Celebrations, giving thanks for creation and to pray for the future of the earth, Our Common Home. More information is available on our website. ‘


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